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The times in which Angola was virtually self-sufficient in the chapter of essential supplies, including basic food products and many other essential, will always be remembered as inspirational references and a key source for understanding pathways of economic history. 1973 is not a year any in this regard, because it was the biggest boom of the burgeoning economy dominated by coffee, when Angola had become a true oasis of progress and modernity, an example, at the time, for most territories at all geography latitudes.

Dealing with the information that will be re-marketed sugar made from sugar cane planted in Angolan soil is a magical moment, encouraging, that relaunches the promise and strengthens hope in the future. The Angola Bioenergy Company, BIOCOM, which moves in the Malanje region of Angola conveyed the good news, in the person of his deputy general director, Luis Bagorro Junior.

He did it to mark the first sugar harvest of the project, which began last week, action will allow the sale soon (July) of approximately 50 000 tonnes of sugar made in Angola. Thus begins a crucial chapter in the success story that is the route of BIOCOM, a draft pitched Angolan promoters, which will give the market sugar and electricity produced from ethanol, thus contributing to reducing food purchasing volumes in outside (less sugar in boats, with what will save the much appreciated currency) and also contribute to the diversification of sources of electricity generation (after the power from dams and thermal sources, now the alcohol).

A project before the hard times marked by the slowdown of the economy, Angola Bioenergy Company is clearly a bright spot in the firmament of mega actions that mark the country as a replacement phase of production levels in the levels to reduce the imports at such levels that do not put pressure on the foreign exchange resources of the way is succeeding in recent decades, with all that this represents risk and suffocate. It must be said that there was vision and ability to anticipate the phenomena, as evidenced by these days the huge demand for sugar in the traditional distribution channels.

Looking to the precious help that BIOCOM will give the market with this product of high consumption, comes us to mind much that you need to realize the relevance and inevitability of national large-scale production, if we-as we so imperative - to avoid the shortage of scenery and grace, especially in the case of products that represent the sustainability of our eating habits.