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The Company

About Biocom

Biocom is the first company in Angola to produce and sell sugar, ethanol fuel and electrical energy derived from biomass.

Nestled in the heart of the municipality of Cacuso, in Malanje Province, the company is located in the Capanda Agro-Industrial Complex, on 81,201 hectares of land, of which 70,106 are given over to agriculture while the remaining 11,095 are designated an area of permanent preservation for native flora. What stands out is the state-of-the-art and technological aspects applied to the industrial and agricultural process..

Biocom’s sugar production is targeted to the domestic market, the electrical energy is supplied to The Angolan National Energy Company (RNT), while the hydrous ethanol is bought by  beverage industry and cleaning products.

Biocom sees its role as contributing to the development of Angola through the production of food, the generation of electrical energy from biomass and the production of fuels through renewable sources.

Modern and technological applications in industrial and agricultural processes

The company's strategy is guided by competition, sustainability and the focus on people, supported by the following precepts:

  • Set up a long-term trusting relationship with clients, partners and suppliers and being recognised for our ability to put things in practice, our transparency and excellent results;
  • Engage with society, contributing to the sustainable development of the community in which we act;
  • Promote the growth and development of our Team, focusing on work safety and respecting the environment.