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In order to align the objectives of productivity and economic development to the preservation of the environment the company has adopted modern measures and practices, in accordance with the socio-environmental responsibility that is part of its business position.

The company focuses on prevention and, when necessary, the remediation and mitigation of any environmental impact. To do this it manages risk and monitors how its activities might affect nature.

Environmental technology

Biocom also has:

  • An atmospheric emission controls system;
  • A control of chemical and inflammable products, through monitoring and containment of leaks;
  • Water and Sewage Treatment plant, recycling the water in the process;
  • Means of preparing and preserving the soil to avoid erosion and degradation; and
  • Reforestation and recovery of native flora.

Waste from the industrial process

Waste generated in the industrial process are re-used:

  • The sugarcane bagasse is used in the generation of energy;
  • Carbon solid waste from the boiler is used to fertilise the sugarcane;
  • Stillage and waste water are reused in fertigation;
  • The filter cake is used as an organic material to aid in the cultivation of sugarcane.