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Health and Safety

Safety at work

Respecting and valuing people are core principals in Biocom’s business practices.

Based on these principals, the company invests in safety training and equipment in line with international standards and norms and has already developed the following programs:

  • Agricultural and Industrial Emergency Brigade, trained and equipped for emergencies in the industrial unit and the Agricultural area;
  • Emergency Response Plan for all eventualities; and
  • Fire control system including portable extinguishers, hydrants and foam producing equipment throughout the industrial area.

The work safety management system is based on risk analysis tools, like:

  • Work Instructions for all positions;
  • Analysis of Task Security;
  • Preliminary Risk Evaluation;
  • Work permits in Critical Activities; and
  • Identification of dangers and risks throughout the industrial and agricultural procedures.

Occupational health

The medical infrastructure at Biocom includes clinical treatment and 24-hour emergency service, with a team of doctors and nursing technicians.

The Occupational Health area offers:

  • A laboratory for clinical analysis and quick malaria tests;
  • Emergency Service Equipment.

In order to guarantee the Health of its staff, Biocom offers:

  • A program of risk analysis and evaluation by job -physical, chemical and biological;
  • Safety equipment for chemical and biological risks; and
  • The undertaking of periodic exams to monitor staff members’ health.