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Kapanda Sugar

Biocom produces and sells sugar, serving clients throughout Angola. The sugar produced is white granulated (colour 150), and is sold in the following packages:

To produce sugar, the sugarcane juice is extracted through a separating system, then passes through filtering, clarification, concentration, crystallisation, the centrifuge and drying processes, after which the sucrose transforms into sugar crystals.

Full production potential will take place in the 2020/2021 harvest, with 256,000 tons of white crystal sugar being produced. 

Distribution center

Biocom’ is committed to making sure that Kapanda Sugar can be found on all Angolan’s tables. To this end are currently operates in the following Distribution Center, where the sugar can be bought:

  • Warehouse ZEE (Zona Económica Especial ) - Lot 107 | Viana-Luanda
    Contact: Hilário Jamba - Mobile:  (+ 244) 948 800 120 | Phone: (+ 244) 222 67 4609
                Manuel Augusto - Mobile: (+ 244) 948 800 033 |Phone: (+ 244) 222 67 4651

How to buy

If you would like to receive further information about our products, please contact our sales team through the e-mail: [email protected]