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Ethics Line



Biocom, following its Ethical, Integral and Transparent Policy, makes available to its Members, Third Parties, Suppliers, Clients and other Partners, in an uninterrupted manner, a communication channel ("Line of Ethics") that allows denunciations to be made Irregularities and deviations of conduct by Members or third parties in order to contribute information to maintain a safe, ethical, transparent and complete work environment.

In the event of any discomfort or violation of the Code of Ethical Conduct or the Code of Ethical Conduct for Suppliers, the Ethics Channel Line may be used.

The protection of the whistleblower is guaranteed through the possibility of receiving anonymous denunciations and the prohibition of retaliation against whistleblowers. The use of this channel is ensured by rules of confidentiality to protect those who, voluntarily, want to identify themselves. It is not necessary to identify yourself, however if you wanted, please inform your contact information (name, phone number and email) in the message.

All denunciations received by this channel will be registered and investigated with independence, impartiality, methodology and legal protection, guaranteeing confidentiality, anonymity and prohibition of retaliation to the complainant.



In order for the violation of conduct to be properly determined, report what has occurred. The more details you provide, the easier your report will be. Whenever possible, please include in your report the relevant information listed below:

Relevant informations

  • What is the violation?
  • How, when, and where happened, does the violation take place?
  • Who are the people and / or place involved?
  • Are there witnesses?
  • How many times did the violation occur?
  • What is the cause, motive, or incentive for this situation or violation to occur?
  • Have there been, are there monetary values (money) involved? Report.
  • If there is evidence, how can we find it?



If you would like to attach files to this report, such as photos, recordings, videos, or any other document, add them here. Choose files (10MB limit)
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Phone URA



+244 222 67 7010
or cell +244 923 16 6010

It is also possible to make the report through a free call.
The answering service is done by electronic password. Before registering your report, the user will receive recorded guidelines on how to report their ideas or concerns.