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The Agro-Industrial Unit

Agricultural Area

The planting and harvesting of sugarcane is 100% mechanised.

Technology is one of Biocom’s great competitive advantages. The company is investing in the continuous improvement of agricultural production, studies, laboratory and field research, tasks and the latest equipment.


Plants that had been developed in numerous different countries were tested in nurseries under controlled conditions until a particular variety of sugarcane was found that could adapt to the local conditions, soil and climate of the project.

Angola, during colonial times, was a large producer of sugar. The variety of sugarcane produced during this period was also adapted, striving to improve productivity and the quality of the raw material.

Biocom has introduced a system of propagation in the nursery, reaching an annual production of 600,000 seedlings, that corresponds to 45 hectares per year of new plants.

Agricultural processes

The agricultural activities involve cutting back vegetation, preparing the soil, planting, harvesting and treating the sugarcane.

Main technology use in the agricultural area

  • On-board computer systems and accurate agricultural systems;
  • Real Time Kinematic (RTK) - a satellite positioning system used to enhance the planting line of the vehicles;
  • GPS monitoring - all agricultural machinery and vehicles are tracked and monitored via GPS at a control centre;
  • Irrigation structure for 12,000 hectares per year through a Central Roll and Pivot irrigation system; and
  • Mapping of the agricultural area, dividing them into glebes, which is used as a base for agricultural planning allowing for a programme of variety, planting and harvesting periods, taking into consideration the region's soil and ease of access, thus optimising productivity.