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Angola Bioenergy Company announces the beginning of the season 2016/2017

The next June 17 will mark the beginning of the season 2016/2017 of Biocom. From that date until October 31, more than 2,000 employees of the company will be fully involved in the harvesting and processing of 531,000 tons of sugarcane for the production of sugar, ethanol and co-generation electricity.

To honor this important moment, a launch ceremony will bring together workers, Directory, the chiefs of the region, local and regional political authorities. Among these, the governor of Malanje, Hon. Mr. Norberto dos Santos - "Kwata Kanawa", the Director General of Biocom, Engineer Carlos Henrique Mathias, the Deputy General Manager, Engineer Luis Bagorro Junior, plus all the governing body of Biocom.

In the season 2016/2017, the Biocom will produce 47,000 tons of sugar, 16,000 cubic meters of ethanol and 155,000 megawatts of electricity. The sugar produced by Biocom will be for consumption of the internal market. Already the electricity will be sold at the RNT (National Energy Company of Angola). In turn, hydrous ethanol will meet the demand of the domestic industry of cleaning products and spirits.

The majority of workers who will do the harvest happen is national composite. Biocom now has 2,125 national workers and 196 expatriates, the latter account for less than 10% of the productive force.

Biocom, the largest private investment in Angola

Biocom represents the largest private investment in Angola, outside the oil sector, and an important national development asset. The industrial and agricultural process the company uses highly modern technology and tip.

For Eng Luis Bagorro Junior, Deputy General Director of the company, the success of Biocom has been considered as an example in the diversification of the Angolan economy process that goes on with a lot of vitality. "We live in a time of celebration for the success of private investments that are making the country grow in all provinces. We are proud to be part of this development, production and marketing of sugar Kapanda, in addition to ethanol and electricity. "

Biocom, the pioneering company producing sugar, ethanol and electricity in Angola

Located in the PAC - Polo Agro-Industrial Capanda - in Malanje, in the municipality of Cacuso, Biocom occupies a total area of ​​81,201 hectares. Of this total, 70,106 are cultivable and 11,095 are reserved for permanent preservation of the local fauna and flora.

The activities of Biocom comprise two main areas: (I) agriculture; and (II) industry.

Jobs in agriculture work throughout the year and include soil preparation work, planting / replanting, cultivation and harvesting of sugar cane. In 2016, the latter will be held between the months of June to October.

The industrial activity, works full time throughout the harvest period, producing sugar, ethanol and energy. In 2016, this step will take place between June and October.

In the remaining months of the year, the industry operates producing energy by burning wood chips derived from vegetable removal of areas of the farm process. This period is also tapped to carry out maintenance of all equipment industry. This operating system is typical of the sugar industry anywhere in the world and stems from the inability to harvest sugar cane in the rainy season.

Biocom in numbers

In the season 2015/2016, the company produced 24,770 tonnes of sugar; 10,243 cubic meters of ethanol and generated 42,000 MWh (megawatts) of electricity. In the season 2016/2017, we will produce 47,000 tons of sugar, 16,000 cubic meters of ethanol and ensure cogeneration 155,000 megawatts of power. In the 2020/2021 season, when we will reach the maximum capacity of the first phase, will produce 256,000 tons of sugar, 235,000 megawatts of electricity and 33 thousand cubic meters of ethanol.

The results obtained by Biocom are possible because the company offers all the human and physical infrastructure necessary to achieve the objectives. In this sense, it has the most modern Agricultural Laboratory of Angola, with the capacity to analyze soil, leaves, improvers and fertilizers, providing relevant information for decision-making techniques that result in improved productivity of sugarcane culture; Agricultural laboratory Biocom is also prepared to provide services to third parties.

The company maintains its own nursery where are avalidas the most suitable species of sugarcane to climate and soil conditions of the region; the nursery pre-sprouted seedlings of Biocom is to accelerate through the rapid multiplication, varieties with high potential for agricultural productivity and high quality raw material.

Finally, Biocom is also pioneering the use of advanced management of sugarcane techniques. Also in 2016, the company started agricultural spraying to control pests and fertilization, with the use of aircraft. It was the first such experience in post-independence Angola.

Biocom, a company committed to the development of its workers and the communities in its surroundings.

For workers, the Biocom has structured training programs and further enhancing and developing national talent in search of greater capacity and consequently increased productivity for power in a short-term competrir with the international market.

Biocom is also concerned with the development of the communities around them. Because of this, it offers sports programs, education, culture and leisure benefiting hundreds of people annually. , Noteworthy in that sense, the School Black Antelopes, which offers judo lessons, jujitsu and also cultural activities for dozens of children and youth of Cacuso region.

To encourage sustainable economic development and promote income, social area Biocom supports a family agriculture program. More than 300 families are benefiting from this initiative. The company also runs a project of mild soap manufacturing from used cooking oil. With this work, more than 20 women Cacuso community have the opportunity to develop and generate income.

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