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The 11-month-long training course was projected to teach laboratory assistants, industrial mechanics and electricians, instrument handlers and solders about the reliability and functionality of the project.

At the end of the course, the provincial director of Agriculture and Rural Development, João Manuel, underlined that this training is part of a national plan for developing the country, taking into consideration that those people graduating will put what they have learned into practice and thus will reach pre-envisaged objectives.

“Those people who are graduating will be able to demonstrate familiarity and  with the tecniques assimilated and thus will contribute to the growth of the company in particular, and of the country as a whole” he said

Source: http://www.portalangop.co.ao/angola/pt_pt/noticias/economia/2014/10/48/Malanje-Biocom-forma-mais-300-tecnicos-nas-areas-operacao-manutencao-planta-industrial,7c1ed2f2-4d3b-4d41-a102-641fec57dfa7.html